Perpemo is a global investment management firm operating in audit and assurance, business consulting, financial advisory, legal service, risk advisory, tax  and related services.

Perpemo – That’s it!

Combining theory with practical knowledge, we provide services in the field of business trading and the so-called business relationships. We provide our clients with comprehensive assistance in all aspects and issues related to starting and running a business, including in particular legal form analysis, market analysis, cooperation and commercial contracts as well as contracts.

In our operations to date, we have carried out numerous transactions related to the registration, servicing, merger and restructuring and transformation of enterprises.

At Perpemo, we focus on observing constant changes in the business environment that has a huge impact on our clients’ business. Thanks to detailed analyzes of global economy and individual financial markets, and cooperation with many local and international clients, we have the experience and knowledge to provide the comprehensive service that clients need.

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